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Funtumfunefu Denkyemfunefu
(Conjoined crocodiles)

A symbol of unity in diversity giving a common destiny; sharing; from the proverb, “Funtumfrafu denkyemfrafu, wowo yafunu koro nanso wonya biribi a wofom efiri se aduane no de no yete no wo menetwitwie mu,” to wit, Funtumfrafu and Denkyemfrafu share a stomach but when they get something (food) they strive over it because the sweetness of the food is felt as it passes through the throat.

About Us

Asantewaa Gold Star Ventures is a Ghanaian Company reaching out in many market sectors within Ghana. A young company but with promising contracts and businesses; collaborating with highly skilled people and competent companies to get the best results. With Over 10 years’ experience in Engineering Building Service, the CEO of AGSV is certified and experienced within this discipline, leveraging the work with trained engineers to complete tasks.


Our mission is to produce 1st Class and unique projects; Build & Construct award winning titles in the industry.  We value all our clients and work; no job is too big or small! WE GET THE JOB DONE PROFESSIONALLY


                                              ASSURANCE & QUALITY CONTROL

Quality of work & value is important right? That is why we will work with you on the details to ensure a beautiful finish. Timescale is also important, that is why our phases of work will identify the time needed to complete work, all will be communicated appropriately. It’s Not a Fee, It’s an Investment!

Simplicity is key! Like our builds, we like to keep our pricing simple. Based on timescale and specifics outlined on job sheets.  We offer free consultation of all new clients & half price on 1st evaluation or survey of custom